Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sub.spiele podcast 066

Subtak - Lost into the unknown 


artist: substak
release: (sub.66)
foto: frank sebastian
style: deep
year: 2012
size: 52 mb
length: 54 min

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Substak - Doppt Zykkler Podcast 004

 1.Deepchild - Gnade Und Vergessen(Echlogist Pub Tech Tool) 
 2.Textural Being - High Speed Travel                       
 3.Alessandro Crimi - Nactwald                               
 4.Atabey - Manabao                                         
 5.Regen - Deacay                                          
 6.785 - Mada Theory                                        
 7.Architectural - Looking Ahead                            
 8.Dennis Bog and Kenneth Cristiansen - Pattern Repeat 5A  
 9.Unbalance - From Dust                                    
10.Chris Page - Used(Mattias Fridell Remix)                
11.Jonas Kopp - Let's See                                  
12.Nima Khak - Red One                

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


basic_sounds   (Canada)  Artists experimenting within the realms of techno, house, ambient and dub
bio-mechanics  (Slovenia) Techno & Downbeat Netlabel
Bleepsequence (United States) Forward thinking experimentalism in electronic media
BPM:120 Netlabel (Brazil) For Lovers of smooth and slow beats
Broque (Germany) Danceable electronic sounds and experiments
Cicuta Netlabel  (Spain) Techno music throughout the world
Cold Tear Records (Lithuania) Underground electronic music label
Deepindub Netlabel (Italy) Dub Techno
Diametral (Germany) Techno as interpretation of the own experience,impressions and emotions
Doma Musique (Spain) NetLabel (Electronica,Techno,Minimal,Experimental,Dub)
Dreiton  (Germany) Ambient,Minimal-Techno,Electronica
Enough Records  (Portugal) Free Music For Free People
FuseLab (Russia) Phuturebass, Fourquarters and Offbeat Music
Gleichtakt Records (Germany) Minimal 
Grunfeld Tontrager  (Germany) Techno 
Igloo (Argentina) Warm, Organic and Electic Sounds
inoQuo (Spain) Minimal Techno 
Insectorama Netlabel (Germany) Minimal electronic sounds worldwide
Kopp Netlabel (Belgium) Dark ambient atmospheric and underground electronic music
Load and Clear Netlabel(Belgium) Ambient,Dub Techno and deep underground
Melodica Netlabel (Slovakia) Electronic
Miniatura Records (Argentina) Minimal-Techno Sounds
Miniscule (United States) Electronic experimentalism
Mixotic (Germany) Dj Mixes
Monofonicos (Colombia) Electronic
monoKraK  (Switzerland) Ambient,Deep Minimal Techno
Multi-Tap Records (Germany) Deep Techno,Dub Techno,Ambient Dub,Electronic Dub,Experimental Dub
Omaramusic (Germany) Techno 
Organic Acoustic Netlabel (Chile) Ambient,Experimental,Drone,Noise,Space
Pinksilver (Australia) Electronic
Prozent Music (Germany) Tech house

Qunabu Netlabel (Poland) Dub Techno
Subterrestrial (United States) Dark Ambient,Experimental
Temiong Recordings ( Argentina) Dub Techno, Ambient, Experimental
This Side Music  (Greece) Electronic sound,tempo varies
Tonkultur Berlin (Germany) Minimal,Techno
Tranzmitter Netlabel (Brazil) House-Deep-Techno-IDM-Ambient-Dubstep-BNB-Breakcore
Unfoundsound ( United States) Electronic
Zimmer Records (Germany) Techno

This post is dedicated to Netlabels and Netlabel Lovers.
A big thanks for those i met through the netlabels,of course
there are more,so the list will be updated.
If links or names need correction,if you have any suggestions
you can contact me at